These images are provided from the photo archive at The History Museum of Hood River County. This site has three goals:

  1. • To share the rich cultural and historic heritage of Hood River County with the world... as seen through these wonderful images.
  2. • To raise the community’s awareness of the diverse and unique collection at The History Museum... including over 5000 photographs and 15,000 artifacts.
  3. • To provide a forum for the community to explore local history and share stories and knowledge.

All rights for use and publication of these images are reserved and copyrighted by The History Museum. If you are interested in obtaining prints or use of specific images, please contact The History Museum of Hood River County. All proceeds from photographic services go to help the museum in their continued community education and archive needs.


For further information regarding The History Museum, including exhibits, hours, programs and admission, check out the museum website.

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